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Ikea provides the furniture catalogue of the future

Ikea provides the furniture catalogue of the future

Ikea has posted a brief marketing film for its 2014 catalogue, describing the procedure behind its latest visualisation app. Making use of augmented reality (AR), the person is able to put virtual furniture into their very own house to determine the way it is going to look, and in case it’ll accommodate.

After scanning selected pages of the printed 2014 catalogue with the Ikea catalogue app – readily available for both Android and iOS – or maybe by exploring the electronic paper on a smartphone or perhaps tablet, the user just places the printed catalogue in the preferred place with the furnishings visualisation, and also decides something from a present selection of ninety to determine the way it is going to look in the house of theirs. The app uses the catalogue itself to determine the rough scope of the furnishings – measuring the dimensions of the catalogue itself (laid on the floor) in the video camera as well as producing an augmented reality image of the furnishings so that it seems properly within the space.

Based on Ikea, making almost all of the currently available room inside a house is particularly crucial in the UK since it’s the tiniest homes in Western Europe, with the common home having shrunk to as few as eighty five sqm.

Peter Wright, country online marketing director, Ikea UK and Ireland, says: “When the designers of ours and/or interiors professionals began to consider just how we would use augmented reality to assist the clients of ours, we believed that we might fix several of the very serious issues they face.

“Our clients wish to have the ability to check out whether the goods they have been influenced by in the catalogue of ours will operate in their own homes – especially with regards to bigger portions of furniture. Providing a better way of using mobile technology to allow to evaluate solutions simply means the science has an useful purpose and truly helps customers visualise how the homes of theirs could possibly be.

“It would mean they are able to provide the Ikea catalogue into the own homes of theirs from the convenience of the really sofa they are preparing to replace.”

The print edition of the Ikea catalogue will offer more than fifty pages that people are able to check with their mobile to obtain permission to access more product info, movies as well as alternate perspectives of products.

The brand new app is going to launch in the Apple App Store along with Google Play on 25th August. Check out the movie by clicking on the website link below.