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IKEA Abu Dhabi debuts “Prepare forever” venture

Dubai, UAE, March 10, 2016: The IKEA store at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi is eager to disclose its recently overhauled front room segment before today. Abu Dhabi was picked as one of three stores worldwide to direct this new store arrangement, the ‘Prepare forever’ venture targets making a progressively reasonable and rousing shopping experience. Having arranged and actualized the new look lounge room in the course of recent months in the Yas store, delegates of the UAE group and IKEA of Sweden were available to converse with media and guests about the new changes.

The ‘Account forever’ venture draws its motivation from the consistently changing world around us and the advancing desires for the worldwide client with a vibe for nearby wants. With tasks in more than 45 nations around the world, IKEA has considered worldwide patterns, for example, urbanization and innovation; recognizing that our general surroundings is changing and this change affects our homes and the manner in which we live. A pivotal strategy of ‘Account forever’ is making a charming and consistent shopping experience.

John Kersten, Managing Director – IKEA UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman, who bolstered the idea stated: “We are amazingly glad to have been decided for this pilot undertaking and we are lowered by the chance to have an enduring effect to the IKEA experience for clients around the world. This is an indication that our market is an important piece of the IKEA gathering and that we have a critical task to carry out later on for the worldwide retail industry.”

The recently uncovered front room is a reasonable move from the customary showroom shows synonymous with the IKEA brand. While purchasers may be acquainted with the numerous columns of furniture generally showed to exhibit the wide assortment of decision at IKEA, the new arrangement places room settings over the office in groups – presently called ‘neighborhoods’ – explicitly with the point of bringing the motivation remainder up in the store while helping clients settle on choices all the more without any problem. With a progressively practical methodology utilizing 4 dividers there is a more grounded impression of a total room. The “areas” additionally permit clients to stroll through the room settings and find arrangements that make intrigue and interest. The arrangements made inside the “areas” explain the requirements of regular daily existence at home by recounting to a story and demonstrating individual arrangements that can interest the many.

Another solid element inside the new arrangement is the incorporated methodology towards advanced innovation. With regards to the IKEA guarantee of moment satisfaction, the family room zone is presently furnished with tablets that can be utilized to peruse through the scope of items accessible. The presentation of tablets guarantees more individuals would now be able to associate with items on an advanced level, simultaneously clearing up and re-using spaces inside the division in any case utilized by conventional item show.

“With our general surroundings transforming we are expecting to adjust better to better approaches for living and IKEA perceives that opportunity has arrived for some strong ground breaking! It’s insufficient to do the things we used to do, however better. We are satisfied to find various methods for outfitting, totally new thoughts and we set out to be strong. We are constantly an inquisitive bundle of individuals here at IKEA – watching, posing inquiries and continually learning. We are not content with a decent encounter, we need something better and extraordinary. It’s insufficient to meet the desires for our clients, we need to shock them! The new worldwide lounge room venture “Prepare forever” centers precisely around a similar standard. Our 70 years of tasks discloses to us clients as of now recognize and like the IKEA idea – presently this is our push to make a superior, much additionally moving shopping experience for them,” included John.

Alongside UAE, the ‘Account forever’ venture is being directed in Canada and Sweden with definite plans set to eventually turn out over the entirety of IKEA’s 380 stores all inclusive inside a year. Furthermore, this is the most up to date arrangement presently actualized in the Abu Dhabi store.